Something Rather Rusty!

DG 6220 Winchester Side-1

I found (via the classiccmp mailing list) an intriguing Data General item; intriguing because I have not seen a unit like this before. I made enquiries with the owner and they did not know what it was either. They also sent me a picture of the rear of the unit saying “you should be aware of this!”.

Even with all the rust my intrigue got the better of me and I made an offer which was accepted and it’s now finding its way to me via DHL. 

2 thoughts on “Something Rather Rusty!

  1. Hello
    this is winchester disk available 5 MB and 15 MB. It was used on MPT series.
    If you need more information ,feel free to ask

  2. Hi Alexandre,

    Thanks for making contact, I am interested in anything you can tell me about this unit, especially regarding the cabling between the MPT/100 and the Winchester Disk. I have e-mailed you in addition to this reply.

    Kind regards, Sean

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