Data General One (Pepi II)

Data General Pharaoh Manual

DHL delivered a very nice surprise to me today courtesy of VIP John (USA). John has very kindly entrusted me with his Data General Pharaoh (DG Model One 2-T) from his days with Data General Field Engineering. I have given it the name Pepi II.

This example is in pristine cosmetic condition and has clearly been well looked after in its original carry case. It seems to have a fair amount of additional loop-backs, cables, adaptors, probes and converters as well as it’s manuals. It does however have one problem though and that’s its Hard Disk. 

The aim is to restore it and recreate some of the tests it may have been used for in it’s working life. It’s restoration journey will be documented here.

Thank you John. She will be well looked after. 🙂 

Did you use a Pharaoh at DG? If so do you have any stories or knowledge you can share?

One thought on “Data General One (Pepi II)

  1. I have a very similar experience of being gifted a Pharaoh by an ex-DG field engineer. Mine has an intact hard drive AND includes the software to run the oscilloscope attachment. I also received a bunch of documentation with it, including what I think are complete electrical schematics.

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