Crater en masse

crater en masse

I had a call a couple of days ago to say that the Data General 6220 5Mb Winchester Chassis was ready at the shot blasters. On collection I was amazed to see just how much damage the rust had done to the chassis. With all of the oxidant removed the chassis revealed a lunar type environment – some of the craters are 2-3mm deep!

It’s a good job DG used plenty of steel for the base! Another few years and I think it would be sporting some extra ventilation 🙂 The entire restoration blog can be found HERE 

So if you’re looking for someone to clean or polish your metal I thoroughly recommend Pro-Polishers in Oxfordshire, UK: Gary and his brother Dean did a fantastic job on my chassis and are very well regarded, so much so Formula 1 teams use them for their shiny bits! 

Gary - Pro-Polishers
Here is Gary with the cleaned 6220 Chassis

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