SCP FE Passwords

Data General Field Engineering Password

Both my MV/9800 and MV/9600 CPU’s have a Field Engineering (FE) SCP command which allow access to the Error Log for the PCB. So if a PCB fails a self-test (as my MV/9800 does) the only way to obtain detailed information about the error is to access the log. In addition the FE area also allows one to reset error conditions so that the failed item is no longer flagged as failed and a re-test can occur (as part of the power up testing).  

However when one tries to access this area Data General wants you to call Field Engineering to obtain a password – problem is no one is answering at DG anymore 🙂 

Scp-Cli/Jp0> FE
Maintenance Access Code: 1A42 E274 09E0 46AE
Enter Password:

I am posting this in the faint hope that someone who worked on the SCP code recognises it and remembers how the access code / password is derived or someone has already managed to generate passwords from DG Maintenance Access Codes and is able to share the method or provide the codes for my two systems.

If you haven’t worked it out already – I am an optimist! 

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