DG microNova I/O

Data General microNova I/O Cable and Terminator

One thing that has genuinely surprised me is how much ex Data General people want to help with physical items for a restoration and with how much information they remember about kit they worked on many years ago!

VIP Alexandre made contact with me completely out of the blue and offered to send me the microNova I/O cable I was looking for (in my wanted section) to connect the MPT/100 Desktop and 5Mb Winchester together. Not only that but he also sent me a terminator for the microNova I/O as well. 

I am truly grateful for your kindness Alexandre – I never thought I would be able to find an original cable and terminator and was ready to ‘cobble’ one together.  

My progress (albeit slow) on the MPT/100 can be followed here was well as the 5Mb Winchester here.

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