Reaching Out

With lock-down in place here in the UK restoration work has stalled as systems are either at my place of work or in storage both of which I am unable to attend. So in order to stem the withdraw symptoms I have been continuing work on an extender for the Nova/Eclipse bus. I am about to send this to production on a limited run to prove the design after which I will offer it for sale if anyone is interested. I have also started work on a version for the DG Desktop (10/20/30) as well.

I hope everyone is able to stay safe in these challenging times – good luck.

Fata General Extender Nova and Eclipse

2 thoughts on “Reaching Out

  1. Hi Sean,
    if your picture shows the top side of the extender, the backplane description ‘A’ and ‘B’ has to be swapped. The top right edge of your picture is ‘A1’ and the top left edge is ‘B99’.
    I have both extenders for the NOVA/ECLIPSE and the DESKTOP.
    The NOVA/ECLIPSE Extender must have twisted paired wires for the INTP- and DCHP-Lines.
    If not, there are functional problems for some boards on the extender.
    There are also sometimes problems with boards, although the twisted line are on the extender,
    it depends on revision levels and clock frequencys, in my cases N4/S140 CPU N4 /S140FPu or N3 FPU. Perhaps a separate ground layer will help.

    Hope you are ok
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Hi Lothar,

      Yes you are right; I must have been tired that night 🙂

      I have made pads for the INTP and DHCP for the twisted cable on the design and also placed a middle layer for ground – I will have to see how it performs with the boards with greater noise.

      All good here thanks.



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