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Here you will find a list of Data General Corporation (DGC) Model Numbers that are known to me. This list will be updated as and when I find additional model numbers of use.

If you can add anything to this list or you see something that is incorrect please do let me know.

1612Printer Ribbon 621x Printers
2714Dasher One Model 2
2719Graphics controller DS/7500 - 8 bits/pixel
2724Graphics controller DS/7500 - 8 bits/pixel
2728Graphics controller DS/7500 - 1 bits/pixel
4012Paper Tape Punch
40472.5 MB Diablo Disk
40486 MB Century Disk
405725 MB Century Disk
4060Quad Mux
4065Digital I/O
4140A/D Converter
4150A/D Converter
4180D/A Converter
4216240-900LPM DCH
4217Programmable Interval Timer
4222Digital I/O (Micro Products)
4223A/D Converter (Micro Products)
4224D/A Converter (Micro Products)
4226Sync Interface (Micro Products)
4227Async Interface (Micro Products)
4229Micronova High Speed Channel
423192 MB CDC Disk
4243ULM/5 Sync/Async Line Multiplexor
4250Data Control Unit DCU/50
4254Data Control Unit DCU/200
43076250 BPI GCR Tape Drive
4307Dual Mode GCR
432055cps Letter Quality Printer
4323Band Printer
4335Digital Interface Card (Micro Products)
4336Async/Sync Line Multiplexor (Micro Products)
4337Video Interface Board (Micro Products)
4342ATI-16 Asynchronous Terminal Interface
4357Intelligent Asynch. Controller
4358Intelligent Asynch. Controller
4367Octbat Intelligent Asynch. Controller
4368Hexbat Intelligent Asynch. Controller
4373Centronics 1200 LPM line printer
4380ISC/2 Synchronous Controller
4398Diamond PBX Communications Controller.
4433136 Column
4434Tally 80 Col 150cps Graphic Matrix Printer
4435Graphics Plotter (DG)
4436Graphics Data Entry Mouse (DG)
4437Graphics Data Entry Tablet (DG)
4460Network Bus Adapter
4463Pearl Async/Sync Line Multiplexor (DG)
4514368 KB Mini-diskette
4516Talker/Listener Controller (Micro Products)
4517Talker/Listener Controller (Nova/Eclipse)
451835cps Letter Quality Printer
4529IEEE-802 LAN Controller (Micro Products)
4530Programmable Synch. Controller(M.P)
4531Wide Wonder printer
4532Intelligent Lan Controller
4540Ethernet Tranceiver Unit
4543Combat Intelligent Controller
4550Parrot Intelligent Voice Controller
4555Wallaby Broad Ban Lan for MV systems
4557Laser 8ppm Text
4558Laser 8ppm Text/Graphics
4560L-BUS Asynch. controller
4561L-BUS Synch. controller
4562L-BUS LAN controller
4580L-BUS DG/STARLAN controller
4581Lan Controller
4596600lpm Band
45971200lpm Band
45981500lpm Band
45992000lpm Band
4606L-BUS Terminal Server
460810 Port RS-232 Termserver
460910 Port RS-232 Termserver w/disk
4619Multi-Port Traqnsceiver
4621Intelligent Asynch. Controller
4622Intelligent Asynch. Controller
4624Intelligent Asynch. Controller
4626L-BUS Asynch. controller
4627L-BUS Asynch. controller
4629L-BUS Token Ring controller
4630Intelligent Token Ring Controller
4675L-BUS Intelligent LAN (DS/8500)
4704Intelligent Asynch. Controller
4710L-BUS LAN controller (MV/1000DC)
4711L-BUS DG/STARLAN controller (MV/1000DC)
4712L-BUS Asynch. controller
4713L-BUS Asynch. controller
4714L-BUS Synch. controller (MV/1000DC)
4750L-BUS Asynch. controller
4802L-BUS Integral LAN controller (MV/5500DC)
4803L-BUS Integral Asynch. controller (MV/5500DC)
4806L-BUS Asynch. controller
4814L-BUS Asynch. controller
4816L-BUS Integral Asynch. controller (MV/3500DC)
481710 Port RS-232 Termserver
481910 Port RS-232 Termserver w/disk
4826TermServer (Motorola 68k based)
4827Intelligent LAN Controller (Motorola 68k based)
5093L-BUS Asynch. controller
5220D280C Color Display
5560L-BUS Asynch. controller
5583Slimer IBM 3480 Compat Tape Drive
5654D430 Color w/keyboard
6012DGC Display
6013Paper Tape Read
6020Standard Tape
6026Dual Mode Tape
6030315 KB Floppy
6038315 KB Floppy (Micro Products)
6040Hardcopy Dasher
6043TP1 Printer
604510 MB Phoenix Disk
606096 MB Zebra Disk
6061190 MB Zebra Disk
60631 MB Fixed Head Disk
60642 MB Fixed Head Disk
6067190MB Disk
606750 MB Zebra Disk
607020 MB Gemini Disk
6073LP2 Matrix Printer
6075TP2 Matrix Printer
6086LP2 Printer
6088LP2 DCH Printer
609510 MB Phoenix Disk (Micro Products)
60961.2 MB Quad Density Floppy (Micro Products)
60971.2 MB Quad Density Floppy
609912.5 MB Echo Disk
610212.5 MB Echo Disk (Micro Products)
610325 MB Echo Disk
610525 MB Echo Disk (Micro Products)
6106Dasher D200 Display Terminal
6106Dasher D200 Display Terminal
6106Dasher D200 Display Terminal
6122277 MB Zebra Disk
61231600 BPI Tape Drive (Slingshot)
61251600 BPI Tape Drive Slingshot (Nova/Eclipse)
6130Dasher D400 Display Terminal
6131Dasher D450 Display Terminal
6134D400 / D450 Keyboard
6140TP1 Matrix Printer
6142Dasher D210 Display Terminal
6143Dasher D211 Display Terminal
6150G300 Terminal
6150G300 Graphics Display Terminal
6156Matix Printer
616073 MB Kismet Disk
6161147 MB Kismet Disk
6166Dasher D410 Display Terminal
6167Dasher D460 Display Terminal
6168Dasher D210 Display Terminal
6169Dasher D210 Display Terminal
6190Enhanced LP2 Matrix Printer
6193Enhanced TP2 Matrix Printer
6214602 MB Kismet Disk
6215D420 (Jalapeno) Display Terminal
6216Dot Matrix Printer Parallel Interface
6216Jalapeno 180 CPS printer
62205 MB Cactus Disk (Micro Products)
622215 MB Cactus Disk (Micro Products)
622415 MB BMC Cactus Disk (Micro Products)
62255MB NOVA/ECLIPSE Rack-mount
622715MB NOVA/ECLIPSE Rack-mount
623015MB Cartridge Tape Drive
6230Oasis 15Mb Cartridge Tape Subsystem (Micro Products)
6231Oasis 15Mb Cartridge Tape Subsystem (Nova/Eclipse)
623450 MB Daisy Disk
6236360 MB Argus Disk
6237354MB Winchester Disk
6238Argus Disk Controller
6239592 MB Argus II
6241G500 Color Graphics Display Terminal
6242D210 green or amber w/keyboard
6243D211 green or amber w/keyboard
6245D210/D211 Keyboard
6255D410 green or amber w/keyboard
6256D460 green or amber w/keyboard
6256D460 Display terminal
6261Desktop Generation Model 10 Green Monitor
6262Desktop Generation Model 10 Color Monitor
6265Desktop Generation Model 10 Graphics Controller
6267368 KB Mini-diskette (DG10)
6268368 KB Mini-diskette (DG20)
6270Palmtree Cartridge Tape Subsystem (DG)
627115 MB Harem I Winchester Disk (DG)
628050 MB BMC Daisy Disk (Micro Products)
6284D410 Display terminal
629740 MB Whiz I Disk
6300Albacore high speed Tape subsystem
630136 MB Harem II Winchester Disk (DG)
6302737 KB Gnome II Mini-diskette (DG 10)
6303737 KB Gnome II Mini-diskette (DG20/30)
6308D470c Display terminal
6309360kb Gnome I Mini-diskette
631038 or 63 MB Harem II Winch. Disk
6311Palmtree Cartridge Tape Subsystem (Aardvark)
632871 MB Harem III Winchester Disk
6329120 MB Harem III Winchester Disk
633671 MB Harem III Winchester Disk (Micro Prod.)
6341Unicorn 25mb reel to reel.
6344D214 green or amber w/keyboard
6345D215 green or amber w/keyboard
6346D411 green or amber w/keyboard
6346Dasher D411 Display Terminal
6346Dasher D411 Display Terminal
6346Dasher D411 Display Terminal
6347D461 green or amber w/keyboard
6347Dasher D461 Display Terminal
6347Dasher D461 Display Terminal
6347Dasher D461 Display Terminal
6352Unicorn 67mb cartridge tape
6357900 MB Argus III
6363160 MB Harem IV Winchester Disk
6425Dot Matrix Printer
6425300cps 80 col. Demand Doc
6433SCSI-1 SE Disk Controller
6433SCSI-1 Controller
6435SCSI-1 SE Tape Controller
6435SCSI-1 Tape Controller
6436250 MB Badger Winchester Disk
6446234 MB Harem V Winchester Disk (Maxtor)
6454Laser 8ppm Text
6475Laser 12ppm Text
6491322 MB Sultan Disk
6492727 MB Seraglio Disk
6500D216 green or amber w/keyboard
6501D412 green or amber w/keyboard
6502D462 green or amber w/keyboard
6502Dasher D462 Display Terminal
6502Dasher D462 Display Terminal
6502Dasher D462 Display Terminal
650620 MB Winchester Disk (DeJa Vu)
650740 MB Winchester Disk (DeJa Vu)
650870 MB Winchester Disk (DeJa Vu)
6509160 MB Winchester Disk (DeJa Vu)
6510386 KB Mini-Diskette (DeJa Vu)
6511737 KB Mini-Diskette (DeJa Vu)
6512DeJa Vu Cartridge Tape Subsystem (DG)
6539179MB Half-height Disk Drive
6539179 MB Whiz III Disk
6554663 MB Sultan II Disk
6566D216+ green or amber w/keyboard
6567D412+ green or amber w/keyboard
6568D462+ green or amber w/keyboard
6577QIC 150MB Cartridge Tape Subsystem (SCSI)
6581500 MB Shadow Disk
6586Galaxy Tape Subsystem
6588Galaxy II Tape Subsystem
65902GB Helical Scan 8mm Tape Drive Maytag
6594400 cps 132 col. Demand Doc
6614594 MB Cosmos II
6617400 lpm LDM Parallel/Serial
6618800 lpm LDM Parallel/Serial
66211200 MB Excalibur II
6627594 MB Cosmos
6629600MB CD-ROM
6631600 MB Excalibur I
6640Laser 6ppm Text
6662339 MB Whiz IV HH
6677525MB SCSI SE QIC Drive
6682D217 green or amber w/keyboard
6683D413 green or amber w/keyboard
6684D463 green or amber w/keyboard
66851.039 GB Zenana SCSI SE FH
6692D230 Color w/keyboard
67161.4 GB Sultan III
67182.0 GB Sultan III
67401GB Xenana FH DIFF SCSI Disk
6743Keyboard UK
67605/10GB 8mm SE SCSI Drive Maytag II
67615/10gb 8mm Diff. SCSI Maytag II
67622GB 4mm SCSI SE DAT Drive Admiral
6771Laser 16ppm Text
6786SCSI-2 SE/DF Controller (BMC)
6787SCSI-2 SE/DF Controller (BMC)
6796525 MB Remora VI
6799525 MB Remora VI
68021.043 GB Torpedo II SCSI SE
68051.042 GB Torpedo II SCSI DIFF
68412.012 GB Concorde 5400rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
68422.012 GB Concorde 5400rpm 3.5 DF SCSI
68432.012 GB Concorde 5400rpm 3.5 DF-Wide SCSI
6855Galaxy 1.5 Tape Subsystem
6856Galaxy 1.5 Tape Subsystem
6857Galaxy II Tape Subsystem
68611.042 GB Torpedo II WIDE
68831200 lpm LDM Parallel/Serial
68854/8GB 4mm SE SCSI DAT Drive Admiral II
68864/8GB 4mm DIFF SCSI DAT Drive Admiral II
7419Serial Distribution Panel
8316Non-Volatile Memory (Micro Products)
8320MBC/SDX I/O Board
8321MPT/80 MPT/83 MPT/87 Console Interface)
8322MPT/100 Console Interface
8323358 KB Mini-diskette (MPT series).
8394Nova 4 MAP
8400Error Correction (S/230 C330 S/200 C/300)
8412Eclipse MAP (S/200 C/300)
8413Floating Point (EAU)
8534Multiply Divide Option
8535Nova 3 MAP (no protection)
8536Parity Option
8538Nova 3 MAP
8539Floating Point (Nova 3)
8564Micronova Hand Held Console
8574Prom Burner (Micro Products)
8612Error Correction (S/130 C/150 S/250)
8613Floating Point (S/130)
8618Eclipse MAP (Other than S/200 C/300 S/140)
8622Floating Point (C/150)
8641Floating Point (CPU 3 4)
8662Floating Point (S/140 Firmware)
8663Floating Point (S/140 Hardware)
8678Error Correction (S/140)
8678Eclipse MAP (S/140)
8690MPT Series PIO Lineprinter
8731Floating Point (S/120 S20)
87652MB Memory Module (MV/10000)
8802Graphics controller(Blitz) low res 1 mem card
8804Graphics controller(Blitz) low res 3 mem card
8806Graphics controller(Blitz) high res 3 mem card
8807Graphics controller(Blitz) high res 1 mem card
8883Eclipse MV/7800
8884Eclipse MV/7800C
89002MB Memory Expansion Board (MV/7800)
89014MB Memory Expansion Board (MV/7800)
890210MB Memory Expansion Board (MV/7800)
9998120 MB Harem III Winchester Disk (Micro Prod.)
10254Mini Data Cartridge Tape Media
10433RS232 to RS422 Universal Converter
105488mm CTD Tape Cartridge 1GB
105498mm CTD Tape Cartridge 2GB
10565Peripheral Housing Unit (PHU)
10565Peripheral Housing Unit (PHU)
105848mm CTD Cleaning Kit
106078mm CTD Starter Kit
61000525 MB Torpedo II
61004Maytag 2.5 Cartridge Tape Subsystem
610051 GB Sparrow
610062 GB Sparrow
610074 GB Sparrow
2717-A Graphics controller DS/7500 - 2 bits/pixel
2717-B Graphics controller DS/7500 - 8 bits/pixel
2717-C Graphics controller DS/7500 - 4 bits/pixel
2718-B Graphics controller DS/7500 -2 or 8 bits/pixel
4532-AIEEE 802.3 LAN Control (ILC)
4830AMicro Annex-XL 16 Port Termserver
4830A/TmANNEX XL 16 T/S AUI/10BT
4830TMicro Annex-XL 16 Port Termserver
4830TBMicro Annex-XL 16 Port Termserver
4831TUAMicro Annex-XL 8 Port Termserver
4832A/TmANNEX XL 16 T/S FM
4832TAMicro Annex-XL 16 Port Termserver
4832TBMicro Annex-XL 16 Port Termserver
4834TBMicro Annex-XL 8 Port Termserver
4838A/T32ANNEX 3 32 T/S AUI/10BT
4838A/T64ANNEX 3 64 T/S AUI/10BT
4838T32Annex III 32 Port Termserver
4838T64Annex III 64 Port Termserver
4842BAX3-UPG-16PT-DG 16-Port Serial Card (Annex III)
4843BAX3-UPG-SLC-32 32-Port Serial Card (Annex III)
5220MTHospital Environment Terminal
5222MKHospital Intelligent Keyboard
5230MTHospital Keyboard and Base
6096-E21.26MB diskette microNOVA Add-on drive
6096-EX1.26MB diskette NOVA/ECLIPSE Add-on drive
61000-D520MB 5400rpm 3.5 DF SCSI
61000-S520MB 5400rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
61004-D7/14gb 4mm Diff. SCSI DAT
61004-S7/14gb 4mm S.E. SCSI DAT
61005-D 1Gb 7200rpm 3.5 DF SCSI
61006-D 2Gb 7200rpm 3.5 DF SCSI
61006-S2Gb 7200rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
61007-D 4Gb 7200rpm 3.5 DF SCSI
61007-S 4Gb 7200rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
61012-D2Gb 7200rpm 3.5 DF SCSI
61012-S 2Gb 7200rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
61014-D4Gb 7200rpm 3.5 DF SCSI
61014-S 4Gb 7200rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
61019-S2GB 7200rpm Hot Swap SCSI
61020-S4GB 7200rpm Hot Swap SCSI
61021-S2GB 7200rpm Hot Swap SCSI
61022-S2Gb 7200rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
61023-S4Gb 7200rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
61024-S4GB 7200rpm Hot Swap SCSI
61025-S4Gb 7200rpm 3.5 SE SCSI
61027-S9GB 7200rpm Hot Swap SCSI
61028-S2GB 7200rpm UW SCSI
61029-S4GB 7200rpm UW SCSI
61030-S2GB 7200rpm Hot Swap SCSI
61031-D7/14gb 4mm DF SCSI DAT
61031-S7/14gb 4mm SE SCSI DAT
61032-S9GB 7200rpm SCSI
6220-05MB w/1.26MB diskette microNOVA Rack-mount
6220-C5MB w/15.4MB cartridge microNOVA Rack-mount
6220-TT5MB microNOVA Table-top
6222-015MB w/1.26MB diskette microNOVA Rack-mount
6222-C15MB w/15.4MB cartridge microNOVA Rack-mount
6222-TT15MB microNOVA Table-top
6224-C15MB w/15.4MB cartridge microBMC Rack-mount
6225-05MB w/1.26MB diskette NOVA/ECLIPSE Rack-mount
6225-C5MB w/15.4MB cartridge NOVA/ECLIPSE Rack-mount
6227-015MB w/1.26MB diskette NOVA/ECLIPSE Rack-mount
6227-C15MB w/15.4MB cartridge NOVA/ECLIPSE Rack-mount
6240-015MB w/1.26MB diskette microBMC Rack-mount
6246-ACEO keyboard (Square Plug)
6348AKeyboard US
6348AUS Keyboard
6348BKeyboard UK
6348BUK Keyboard
6431ACSS1 Chassis Rackmount
6431ACSS1 Chassis Rackmount
6515XDot-Matrix Printer 136 Col
6566AD216+ AMBer Terminal
6566AD216+ Amber Terminal
6566AD216+ Amber Terminal
6586-A1600bpi SCSI Rackmount
6587-A1600bpi SCSI Deskside
6588-A6250bpi SCSI Rackmount
6589-A6250bpi SCSI Deskside
6700ECSS2 Chassis Rackmount
6700ECSS2 Chassis Rackmount
6701ACSS2/DC Chassis Deskside
6701ACSS2/DC Chassis Deskside
6838RCSS3 Chassis Rackmount
6838RCSS3 Chassis Rackmount
G6668-S737KB Floppy Diskette HH