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This Data General Desktop Generation system has arrived from Italy today (Dec 10th 2019) in a reasonably sorry state (thanks to the courier!).

What’s immediately surprising is its weight – it’s a heavy lump! 

It has a Winchester, Floppy and Tape Drive and was supplied with a 6261-2 which connects to the desktop via a DB15 cable. 

Inside the main chassis (E8711-N) I have found the following PCBs:

005-020621 – CPU1 without F/W Floating Point = Model DG/10
005-020622 – CPU2 128Kb Memory  
005-020375 – 256Kb Expansion
005-021071 – USAM 4 Line
005-021071 – USAM 4 Line

The system also has the following ‘modules’:

E8694-B2 – Power Supply
E6267-A – Floppy Disk
E6336 – Winchester Chassis containing: 
  (005-023675 –  Disk Controller PCB + 005-023553 – 120Mb MFM HD)
E6270 – Cartridge Tape Drive Chassis

This is another project for 2020!

here’s what’s inside:

Lots more to follow……

7 thoughts on “DG/10 Desktop

  1. Très beau site !
    Cela rappelle une belle époque, les années 1980. Que des bons souvenirs pour nous les “anciens”.
    Grand merci au fondateur à l’initiative de ce projet.

    1. “Very nice site!
      It recalls a beautiful era, the 1980s. Only good memories for us “old”.
      Big thanks to the founder for the initiative of this project.”

      Thank You Patrick!

  2. Hi have a question about dg10, there was any modem inside in original configuration? And/or operating system was able to use a modem to connet in terminal emulation?
    Many tnx

    1. Thanks for making contact – I can’t see any reference to an internal modem, however the DG Desktop series could have multi-port RS232 cards installed and one of these port could indeed be used for a modem.

  3. Long time since I saw one of these! We had one installed in the late 1980s at the airport I was working at as a central processor for a noise monitoring system. There were six external monitors that were fed in via V21 modems. IIRC the system was supplied by Lucas-CEL who were based in Hitchin and their software was developed in Pascal. Fond memories of archiving stuff off onto 5.25 floppies. What was the underlying operating system that these ran?

  4. Hello! You have great machines!
    Do you know, are Data General Desktop Generation compatible with IBM compatible machines?
    We are trying to resurrect Finnigan MAT Incos 50 mass-spectrometer. It was based on DG10/SP computer. But the computer is absent. Yet we have original set of software.
    How do you think, could it work on usual PC?

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