Pharaoh (DG One 2T) Restoration

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This Data General Pharaoh was kindly sent to me by VIP John (USA), The unit is in extraordinary condition for its age; it was born Sept 1989!

Here are some external shots:

Brief history of the DG One

The Data General One was the first complete portable computer with a full size keyboard and screen. Launched in 1984 it ran MSDOS or CP/M and was fully IBM compatable. In 1986 DG launched Model 2 with an improved screen (ELD ElectroLuminescent Display) as the original had poor contrast and was difficult to read. The model 2 was also available with a 10Mb hard disk and up to 640Mb RAM. 1987 brought the introduction of the 80C88 known as the Model 2T, finally in 1989 Data General introduced a 20Mb Hard Disk option and revised LCD display.

Known problem with my example

John explained that the units Hard Disk had a problem in that it would only occasionally boot with the help of a mild thump to the corner of the unit at a particular stage in the POST process: 

Lots more to follow……